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Q: Why can't my drone take off?

A: Please review the instructions carefully and determine if you haven't done any prepare work, such as geomagnetic calibration.

If it still can't be resolved, call or send an email to the support department.


Q: Why can't my phone connect to the drone?

A: The phone will need to be connected to the drone's network, and the WiFi name start with drone4G.


Q: Can the drone take off with a remote control when it's not connected to a phone?

A:Yes, when the remote control shows the connection to the drone, the drone can take off under the control of the remote control. However, we don't recommend it.


Q: Can drones fly in the rain?

A: No, it will cause water to the motor and further damage to the drone.


Q: When there is a stain on the lens, can I use a paper towel to wipe it clean?

A: No, we recommended to use a cloth with higher softness to clean the camera.


Q: Does it mean that the drone has lost its signal when the cell phone signal stops?

A: No, the controller may still be connecting with the drone when the transmission stops, and the drone will not automatically turn back.


Q: Why my drones can’t fly to the distance as the advertising said?

A: The transmission between the drone and the controller can be affected by high-voltage power lines, nearby WiFi networks, and weather.


Q:Can I take off when the GPS signal is less than 7 bars?

A:Yes, but the take-off altitude cannot exceed three meters.